Roasted Notes

We are an Irish company with a passion for great coffee sourced directly from a family run farm in Brazil. It is roasted in a Micro roaster here in Ireland.

Our first Roasted Notes café opened in the beautiful surrounding of the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School in Dublin and then in Talent Garden in DCU Alpha Campus. We also supply our speciality beans to cafés and restaurants throughout the country.  

Our coffee farmer from Minas Gerais is dedicated to the production of high quality Brazilian coffee and importantly treats his coffee pickers with dignity and respect.

Their family run business has pioneered alternative and innovative processing methods that are not only sustainably viable for the environment, but are ushering in a new era for coffee that is produced throughout Brazil.

A specific cultivation process, allows this coffee to excel as a single origin espresso shot, drip coffee and also cold brew. SCA cup score of this collection is 82—84 points.

Much like wine or beer coffee can have many different flavour Notes based on where or when it is grown, how it’s processed and roasted, the variety and how it is brewed. Our Roated Notes range of coffee has been expertly Roasted to showcase the distinctive flavours of each of our beans.