Frech Press Brew Guide

In this video we showcase the old school french press. The FP is amazing at creating a full bodies rich coffee, due to it being immersion brewing over drip and the metal filter allowing some fine grinds through.

Moka Pot Brew Guide

In this video we showcase the Moka Pot. Due to the Moka Pot using some pressure instead of gravity to brew th coffee it is the closest brew method we have to espresso. It is great as a standalone drink or as the base of a milk drink or Americano.

Clever Dripper Brew Guide

In this video we showcase the accessibily of the Clever Dripper. An amazing brewer that uses both immersion and drip brewing to create a complex and delicious cup of coffee.

V60 Brew Guide

In this video we showcase the V60. A reliable, affordable and excellent way to brew an amazing cup of coffee.

Peak Water Filter Guide

Water accounts for roughly 98% of your brew. It is vital to have the right mineral content in your water to nail your brew. The peak is the first adjustable water filter giving you control over how much minerals are in your water. Test your water at home and adjust accordingly! Watch this video to see how it works!

Hario Drip Kettle Air

Transferring water from your kettle to your coffee brewer is a vital step in your brewing process. Take control with the affordable Drip Kettle and up your home coffee game.